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How to Get Cheap Car Insurance Online

Nobody likes paying for car insurance, it is expensive and unless you have an accident it would be hard to see the value of all that money you are paying. Of course if you do have an accident you will certainly appreciate having a good insurance policy. The best way to minimize the displeasure of paying for car insurance is to get the lowest cost policy that meets your needs. There is no great mystery to getting cheap car insurance; you just have to think like an insurance company.Far and away the most important thing that you can do to get cheap car insurance is to be a good driver. Insurance premiums are based on risk; the more likely you are to cause an accident the higher your premiums are going to be. The best indicator of what kind of risk you are is your past driving history. The insurance company will quite rightly assume that if you have a history of accidents or tickets that you will continue that behavior in the future. If you do have a poor driving record it is never too late to change that, if you clean up your act now you will qualify for cheaper car insurance in the future.Another way to get cheap car insurance is by getting a policy with a high deductible. There is a risk to doing this; a higher deductible means that you will pay more out of your pocket if you have an accident. However this can also significantly reduce the premiums you have to pay. Whether getting a policy with a high deductible will actually save you money is going to depend largely on how good a driver you are. If you never have an accident the savings can be huge, if you have a lot of accidents the high deductible will almost certainly end up costing you money. The deductible is one of the ways that the insurance company transfers part of the risk to you, if you are a good driving risk it makes sense to have a high deductible.Comparison shopping is critical if you want to get cheap car insurance, there is an enormous variation in cost from one insurance company to another. There is also a huge variety of different coverage features available which can make it tricky to make apples to apples comparison of the policies available. The best option for comparing auto insurance quotes is to do it online; there are many websites that will allow you to quickly and easily compare the offers from a number of different insurance companies.There are lots of other ways to reduce auto insurance premiums like buying a safer car, taking a defensive driving course or simply driving less. However a high deductible, shopping around and being a good driver are the things that will bring the biggest savings. Getting cheap car insurance is primarily about limiting the amount that the insurance company will have to pay out and the best way to do this is by not having any accidents.