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Swingers? Not Anymore, It’s All About a Lifestyle

What is a swinger? Or better yet what is the lifestyle and how do swingers fit in?

Most people who are unaware of the lifestyle have the vision of the old days where swingers would show up at a house and throw their keys into a bowl to see who went with who or some other out to lunch misguided understanding of what it was all about. In reality that was rarely the case and would have actually been a theme party!

Today people have changed and with that they have evolved to being into the lifestyle; but what is the lifestyle? It is a new way of thinking, an open honest dialog with you and your partner… Or better yet it is freedom to express yourself sexually without the structure of what is deemed “normal”. Lifestyle people are the new age swingers; they are warm, welcoming and embrace life. They seek fun out and fun finds them and they never have an excuse as to why they aren’t able to attend. People notice them because they aren’t afraid to be noticed – they always make eye contact in the line ups of the bar or coffee shop! But further than all of that they get it; the swingers today are in touch and understand what honesty and communication is for and they know how to use it!

There is lots of misinformation on the internet today so you really need to be careful when you start to research if being in the lifestyle is right for you. Even more so if you are looking into it for you and your partner! So where do you go for good information? My experience has been lifestyle social communities offer much better content then the generic dating and hook up sites that seem to be dominated by horny single guys. If you are looking for unbiased information there are options, you just need to be smart about what you assume is a resource. I have found there is a true community that has evolved just be open and don’t be afraid to ask questions!

So congratulation for taking the first step into a better way of life and a better experience with your partner… Or at least reading about it! Be open, be honest and don’t be afraid to express yourself… Really what is the worst that can happen, being told no?